In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, Border Pest Control would like to extend virucide services for anyone with this concern. We carry a potent virucide that can be sprayed or fogged in homes, buildings or attics. Don’t delay call us today!

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Mouse Control
This little critters may look cute, but the damage they create is far from cute!
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With their population increasing during the summer time, mosquitos can be a nuisance and potentially carry dangerous diseases that can harm you and your family.
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Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are a common problem in Eagle Pass and are known for feeding off of the blood of humans and animals. Let us protect your family and home from these tiny little vampires.
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Fire Ants
Although very small, fire ants are known to be fast-acting and possess a painful bite. These little bullies won’t hesitate to protect their home and their queen.
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Roach problems are often the result of poor construction or environmental disruptions, and despite popular misconceptions, may be totally unrelated to the cleanliness of your home.
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Bees are beneficial to the environment, but can be dangerous if they're residing near your home. Many people are even allergic to bee stings, making them potentially fatal. 
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Important Information

Considering the recent coronavirus outbreak Border Pest Control would like to extend viruscide services for anyone with this concern, we carry a potent viruscide that can be sprayed or fogged in homes, buildings, or attics. Don’t delay call us today.

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